Shall we start again, Happy new year and all that!

happy_new_yearShall we start again? By that I mean re-introduce myself and my blog. Its a new year, so that provides a fresh start and a clean new look. Happy New Year! and all that….

Allow me to re-introduce myself, you can call me Andre (the meaning of my name represents “strong”, “manly” and “brave”). Yep, Yep that pretty much sums me up nicely XD, with the exception that I am currently an Undergraduate at the University of Hull study Computer Science.

Welcome to my blog!, I hope to express my everyday life as a student on here in one shape or the other and make blogging a regular thing in my life, but most importantly I wish to blog about stuff Im learning as a computer Science student and all the fun projects I’ll be getting up to. Life is never dull for an computer science student. Expect good things from this blog, and follow me on my journey towards greatness (at least thats the plan lol).

take the opportunity to check out my various online profiles. TwitterLinkedin and Github.

I hope you enjoy readying…..

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