Prior to Exams…. Dreaming up Algorithms.

dreamingThere came a point during the Christmas holidays when I had nothing but a mere 2 weeks left on the countdown calendar until my programming 101 exam was due to take place. The nerves kicked in and I began to think to myself, “OK! no more games, no more relaxing, dude it’s time to get serious. 14 days until judgement  comes knocking at my door.” So I spent the next 2 days, playing PlayStation and relaxing LOOL. What can I say YOLO…

After a backlash in determination, the word serious kicked in. BIG TIME. As the joker once said “why so serious?”; well Joker, I’ve got 4 words for you, just 12 days left.

By now I’m crazily pumped up, first pumping the air and all sorts….. crazy study mode activates. I spent the next 2 days, trailing through all programming 101 past paper from the last 6 years and writing down EVERY SINGLE QUESTION to do with algorithms.

Why algorithms? – well because I knew it would be the part of the exam where most people would trip up, simply because we haven’t been practicing algorithms as much as we have programming. Now during circumstances like this people, you need to priorities what is more important to revise. [ just a little revision technique for you … ]

Anyway, 4 days have passed now. Monday had arrived and I manged to produce this.  [ Past_questions_for_algorithms from the last 6 years of programming 101 ] document. The next three lonely days of my life, I locked myself in doors in an small darken room and attempted to answer all those questions. There was turning back, I was on a mission… rather like Mission Impossible. Jeeehzz, did I mention I manged to collect over 55 questions?

Thursday was upon me: 4 days later I answered about 55 questions on algorithms, It came to the point where in my sleep I was dreaming about organizing un-sorted sequences of numbers using bubble sort, quick-sort the whole lot. A job well down in my eyes if the stuff your revising is now apart of your sub conscious, don’t you think? The result is attached to this post called [ Past_questions_for_algorithms_answers ].

Anyway… the moral of the story is preparation  Although I didn’t start when I should have perhaps done. I sure did prepare for my exam. I hope my work can be used for prospective students to Hull in the future to help aid in prep for exams, or for anyone else in fact.

Apologies to students, who wish they had something like this the night before the exam XD unfortunate mate…. But I’ve sorted this problem out now.

And to  readers and potential users. A WORD OF WARNING, DON’T just simply read or copy the answers. You won’t learn anything. Sit down and attempt the questions by-yourself then revert back to the answers only as a tool for guidance.


Andre ( The dude whose name represents “strong”, “manly” and “brave”).

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