Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel ???

Depict my grim title, no i’m not suicidal, i’m in a rather good state of mind actually. This post if more a reference to myself than to you; my lovely readers. I like to plan ahead…. It’s my nature and when I plan I like to make every effort to complete those tasked plans, even if it takes a few months or even years to achieve. There’s a saying “good things come to those that wait” and so far this statement is so true in my case (well mostly). I read another blog post by a fellow student a while ago that did the same thing as I’m going to do right now, I thought it was a rather useful idea. So….

Enough bickering and let’s get onto the point. The plan is to list a whole load of things I would like to do before semester ends come 10th May 2013…….

  • Build a Windows 8 Metro app that shows blog feeds
  • Develop my own blog site from scratch
  • Create and publish my own magazine
  • Self – Brand myself (develop a brand)
  • Start and finish work on project #AlphaOmega
  • Learn C programming Language
  • Continue to learn python programming language
  • Build raspberry PI internet radio player
  • Build  raspberry PI train scheduler display
  • Build raspberry Pi NFC reader
  • Learn  and familiarises myself with the raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s GPIO
  • Use my knowledge of JavaScript and DOM to create a CMS for personalising a simple webpage.

A rather ambitious list of things to do, I know….. I can’t help it, I have an ambitious mindset. If I’m able to complete all this task by 10th May I have the right to call myself “GREAT”,  lool. When these are finished, I would have reached the light at the end of this rather dumbass tunnel that seems to think its OK not to have lights dotted around the place for people to see where they are going.



p.s of course I will blog all my progress for you to see XD

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