Watching from be-hide the scenes

Hey guys, I haven’t written a blog post in a few weeks due to the fact its been the start of semester and I was just getting myself settled back into things…… but this is not an excuses 😉

I’ve had many occasions when I could have sat down and written an blog post, but I didn’t. However, I became reluctant to post because I wanted to sit back from behind the scenes and watch people stop by my blog. The nifty feature of ‘STATS’ provided from wordpress allows me to view what one of my previous post have been viewed the most, and I can say by a remarkable mile it has been the Raspberry Pi table article.

Thank-You peeps!! I’m really grateful that you even spent one second on my blog site, yet along looking at one of my post. EVERYDAY some has looked at this post, the popularity of the raspberry PI is evident to see.

I’m hyped up to share more content with you guys for the upcoming future. As they say “sharing is caring” and I live by this rule.

Before I forget….. OH BOY, I sure has something cool to show you peeps in the upcoming months if I can pull it off. It’s a project I’ve nicked named project #AlphaOmega. Make sure to follow the hashtag (on twitter) from time to time, check my blog and follow me on twitter @epicdre

The fun has just started…..

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