Ambitious, but very serious educational roadmap

Echoing the words of the great Martin Luther King Jr, “I have a dream, that one day….”

I shall be as successful as I set out to be.

In life, there is no challenge greater than the challenge itself. Now think about that for a moment. Your properly thinking, Seriously!  where does this guys come up with stuff? Why he even bringing this up. Well me, myself and I have a ambitious dream I wish to accomplish. The type of dream that if a 11 year old told,you would respond these 3 simple letters “WOW”. But Im not 11, am 20 now (old right, I know).

The point is, by setting this goal. there is no greater obstacle to achieving what is set out to you than your own self-drive and determination. Your ‘will of fire’ has to be strong.

Now then,

‘The ambition(goal)’ was not thought of randomly out of a dream or a casual bus ride into town one morning. I actually took the time to reflect on my current situation and life experiences thus far; my aims, ambitious, interest, and dislikes.

From this moment of reflection I came up with this roadmap I intend to purse in the next few years while in education.

  • Attend a successful study year aboard In Japan, Australia or North America. (2014 – 2015)
  • Finnish degree in Computer Science with a First Class honours or 2:1 (2016)
  • Attend a Masters in Computer Science (Location or speciality not decided) (2016 – 2017)
  • Attend a Msc in Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL (carer goal to be a tech entrepreneur with own startup) (2017 – 2018)

Educational Road Map

This is my ambitious, but very serious roadmap I going to follow for the next few years of my life. I can’t say Im ready for the surprises up ahead. But I sure am up for it.

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