Japanese Tendem Learner Experience

こんにちわともだち!− Hello Friends

During February 2013 – March 2013 I had the privilege of being a Tandem Learner to two Japanese Students who study from Ochanomizu University in Tokyo.

If you two are ready this (you know who you are), then may I say how privileged I feel to have met you both. Along with the 18+ japanese friends during your time at Hull, England.

Admittedly I nearly didn’t take up this opportunity (as a tandem learner). At the time a had a really hectic schedule with all the societies I was involved with and of course all the assignments I was getting. But a friend of mine who I happened to study Japanese with opted in to be a tandem learner and persuaded me to join. Little did I expect, that I would have so much fun as a tandem learner. The whole experience is certainly an highlighting moment of my first year at university for sure! Great Choice!!

As a tandem learner, I’ve

  • Gotten the chance to practice my Japanese to native speakers
  • Experience the cultural living of japanese students
  • Ask questions about Japanese culture, food, customs and life.
  • Build friendships that can last a lifetime.

My last point, may sound cheesy. You’re thinking how can you build a friendships that last a lifetime with people you’ve only known for 1 month. Well, actually when you spend almost every other day with people for multiple hours of the day and do exciting activities together, then a bound begins to form. If you’re ever lucky enough to experience this, you’ll know what I mean.

Being a Tandem Learning is awsome!!! I recommend it to anyone. Be bold, be brave and experience something new. – become a Tandem leaner. < — (tag-line inserted)

Some Photos 😉

Andre's  Japanese Tandem Learning - Peace sign

Andre's Japanese Tandem Learning - Peace sign (HUU)







In the very near future I plan to travel to Japan. I’ll make every effort to see all my lovely new friends again ^o^  : D

さようなら ございます。- Thank You, Goodbye.

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