@Wayra Academy @Enternships Careers Fair

Yesterday I went to Wayra Academy in London – the start-up incubator run by Telefonica. I attended with a good friend, as his #wingman as I’ve already obtained a position as a summer intern at the amazing startup @hiyalife. Wayra welcomely opened their doors for the first time for the ‘first ever’ start-up internship fair, organised in partnership with the start-up recruitment specialist Enternships.

16 amazing new start-ups currently the “cohorts” at Wayra where offering paid work experience/internships to  100 of the Uk’s most ambitious young” undergraduate and graduates looking to disrupt the Technology scene. The unique ‘attraction’ to this event however was that all these start-ups where in the early stages of development, more shockingly they have only been occupying Wayra Academy offices for 6 WEEKs!

All attendees (That includes me, the #wingman) had face-to-face time with tech founders, CEO’s, CTO and other team members to discuss positions available, or if like me just a chance to show your face, make connections and get advice.

May I say, the progress these start-ups have made in a matter of a few weeks is astonishing and inspirational. They have access to great facilities and connections. Wayra Academy is a beautiful & fun working space. I didn’t want to leave. lol

Near the end of the event we had a speech from some important people. CEO of Telefonica O2 UK, CEO Wayra, CEO Wayra Europe and a rather special quest. His Royal Highness the Duke of York. I sat right near the front, so thats my only claim to fame of being near Royalty, a pity really; would have loved to have had a chat with him.

I’ll leave you with one my favourite memories from Wayra.

$1bn Exit

A special shoutout to Sponsorcraft, TankTopTv,  goCarShare, Removalstars and ensygnia – I wish you all the success you deserve.

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