#WeekendChallenge – #HullChangeMakers

Friday afternoon, 4pm on a beautiful summers days at the @Techhub offices in Shoreditch London, Silicon Roundabout. I was coming towards the end of my working day at hiyalife … for the majority of that afternoon I had been exercising my photoshop skills designing and what not. Admittedly, I hadn’t done such a task for a very long time  and I quickly regain why I love designing so much. I was really enjoying myself (making bits and bobs in photoshop, strange isn’t it :p ) to the point where I just wanted to continue into the night, well into the weekend. I had the “creativity bug”.

In ore, very happy with the quality of the work I did that day. I was spanked in the face with a chocolate ice-cream bar…. seriously, I was. A generous Intern working for Knodium (check them out – really cool tool) offered me an ice cream (FOR FREE :p )….  10 seconds later, after my re-transformation from “dre the ice-cream monster” back to andre (mess everywhere, chocolate all over my mouth just like a baby would)…

I had a lightbulb moment. The thought: why not do a weekend challenge, where the objective is to start from nothing, with no plan and create a working product within the weekend. A rather cool idea, so I went along with it…

On the weekend of the 20th – 21st July I started my #WeekendChallenge which I called #HullChangeMakers. Its a site for an possible initiative/project I’m working on. check it out :



Let me point out that this challenge was just a bit of fun where I challenged myself to rebuild an website from scratch, learning as I went along (best type of learning). Images/graphics are my own.


Thanks for reading.


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