Launching Tech@Hull – Introducing our exciting plans and Initiatives.

The question on everyone lips… “what is Tech@Hull?”

Well, this past week I was astonishingly proud to officially launch Tech@Hull. Our kickoff event was held at C4DI Beta, who generously allowed for us to host students to a evening of beers, food and and lots of fizzy pop as everyone “got to know tech@Hull”.  The aim of the evening was to explain more about what tech@hull is about and what plans we have for the future.

For those that missed out, here’s a brief explanation of Tech@Hull

What is tech@Hull?

Tech@Hull is a place for experimentation, fun and student led entrepreneurship. Our aim is to provide a community for discussion, sharing and a stage for inspiration. We’re building an student startup technology culture within Hull.

There are 5 elements that cement our foundation. Learn, Experiment, Collaborate, Build and Inspire. Which we believe together, these elements encourage entrepreneurship. And with a range of activities/events such as :

  • Hours,
  • Innovation Lab,
  • Design Days,
  • Hack Nights,
  • Learn To Code sessions,
  • Game Days,
  • Startup Week

we can help students to be successfully entrepreneurs.

All students are welcome to join, whether at the University, Hull College or one of our other fine academic institutions, you should come get involved. Even if you have no programming experience or business know-how, pop by to say hello.

Be apart of what is promising to be the most dynamic, creative community of student “go getters” to be seen in Hull. Immerse yourself in a community that’s both passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to make something out of nothing. Remember, where’re all about building a student startup technology culture within Hull.

be sure to check out too 😉

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