Memoirs – Tech@Hull kick-off event.

Memoirs – Tech@Hull kick-off event.
Last week I held my first tech@hull event. A week later, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on its success…

Approximately ~30 students attended that day. Not an bad figure for an initiative that had yet to host any prior events or at the time, only a few selected people actually knew what tech@hull was about.

I consider myself grateful to the introduction  I had been given beforehand to Jon Moss at C4DI for this success and with thanks to Rob Miles and Peter Robinson of Hull University. -To which believed in my idea and encouraged me greatly to pursue in tech@hull development…

Tech@hull has so much promise, and I really believe that we’re on to something here.

But upon reflection, something disturbing has struck me. Only a hand full of women who attended tech@hull first event. I could count the women who attended on one hand!

In the field on Technology, there is still a fundamental problem with females getting involved in tech. Or generally in STEM subjects. To much of my satisfaction to the turn out, I feel we failed in accommodating to female participates. Not entirely an fault of our own, this is more to do with a wider, broader issue. But we could have reached out more to females students.

Until the turnout rate for women at tech@hull improves to an satisfying level, I still believe we as a community of students go getters are failing to accommodate to the mass audience (all  students ~> women and men, boys and girls).

In future tech@hull events, this is something I wish to address. And perhaps (most likely) Tech@hull will host exclusive events for women in the future.

A memoir of Tech@Hull, By

Andre Hitchman

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