Scrum City

Whilst studying here in Brisbane at Queensland University of Technology. I’ve enrolled in a course titled “Project Management Practice”. This unit familiarises oneself with the delivery of complex products in a complex environment employing a project management framework based on an Agile approach. Where focus is on being fully agile using the scrum framework. Read this unit description for more details on the unit.

During my workshop this week, one of our tasks where to form teams and build a city out of lego using the scrum framework. Its called Scrum City. And this turned out to be rather fun. Too fun actually. But on the other hand, learning by doing certainly is the best way to experience what is means to be agile.

During the activity I experienced:

  • how to organise a product backlog properly
  • measure a teams velocity
  • estimate fast and precisely based on the experience of the team
  • measure performance and improvements
  • deal with unexpected events

and many more scenarios.

For those unfamiliar with scrum check this out for a brief introduction. – 

Take-away from this workshop?
How important it is to negotiate with the product owner about acceptance criteria and the deliverable. (asking the person who I am developing for, what they want and how they would like it). I learnt this fast during the activity, because the product owner was being a **** at first, failing everything we built as a team.

Scrum city [The Best Team]:

Scrum Lego City

Scrum city – Bird’s eye view of my teams city

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