Introducing Hackers of Brisbane

As some of you may/not have heard, my friend Dani Grant and I are starting a new blog site. We’re calling it … hackers of Brisbane. Both Dani and I study Computer Science and this has opened us up to all of the possibilities that lie in this field. The possibility to solve new problems, the possibility to create and innovate. And for us, “Hacker” is the best way to describe those who are tackling these problems and challenges.

Think of the word “hacker” described in today’s popular media and it is often images of malicious criminals furiously typing in a dark room that come to mind. But that connotation belies the original meaning of the word. Before the negative press, hacker was a term of respect for an clever computer-programmer. Hacker, SHOULD be recognised as a word that encourages innovation. Not another word meaning criminal. With hackers of Brisbane, we’re on a very important mission to reclaim that word. It’s very important for us.

Hackers of Brisbane is modelled after the popular blog Humans of New York and aims to portray the diverse and unique individuals involved in the Brisbane tech community. Each post includes a picture and a quote from the featured “hacker” on anything from their motivations for entering the field to their backgrounds or passions.

We’re really hoping to inspire you to start hacking 😉

Posts are planned to be released on a weekly basis. And we’re extremely excited to share these superheros of Brisbane with you starting in February 2015.

Until then, we’d love to hear from you on Twitter, take a sneak peek at our HackersofBrisbane site and like us at facebook.

See you in 2015!

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