Exploring ideas for my Final year Project Pt.1

Today, I have decided to start work on my final year project; which I will be tasked to complete from October 2015 – June 2016 during my final year of studies. I’ve had a few ideas on what I want to do, but I first want to see if the idea is first feasible, and secondly worthwhile. Starting this process a good few months early is a big benefit, as I’ll be able to kill off potential bad ideas I have in my head early.

So… as of today, I’ve created a short survey for my first idea. An event discovery app for university students on campus. I’m starting out by researching how students actually found out about events on campus. ~> please take 1 minutes to complete my survey. https://epicdre.typeform.com/to/nKM3mF

I stumbled across this idea of event discovery because of this problem…

The problem:

There is no simple, go-to way to discover events on university campuses (especially in Hull). Students around campus are always asking, “What’s going on this week?” or they were are sitting in their rooms all day because they “didn’t know an event was going on”. Event discovery products like Facebook Events exist, but this experience isn’t designed primarily for university students.

After collecting enough results, my next steps will be to start exploring and brainstorming some ideas on the direction I can to take this idea.

Stayed tuned for future updates…

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