Survey Results…

So – with 115 responses from students from different university campuses (UK and Australia). I have been able to define what exactly I need to focus on with a target audience of uni students. The biggest takeaways I got from my research was:

Students rely on their friends for information. “Word of Mouth”, “Facebook”, and “Campus Advertisements” are the most popular methods of discovering events on their campus. 75% of students surveyed find out about events through “Word of Mouth”, whereas Facebook is marginal higher at 79%.

Additionally, traditional media such as “Campus Advertisements” are still a highly valued source of information for discovering events on campus compared to modern forms such as “Twitter” and “Snapchat” – with 12% and 10% (retrospectively) of students using these new forms for media/social tools to discover events.

Unsurprisingly, students care about if their friends are attending an event, “Are my friends going?” was selected by 77% of students. However – Surprisingly, students don’t care too much about how they were invited to an event. “Was I personally invited?” was only selected by 35% of students.

Note: You can view a more in-depth look at my research here.

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