Welcome Event with Japanese Society Members!

Recently, I’ve embarked on yet another adventure and ended up finding myself as the chair (president) of Hull Japanese Society. A position I forcefully remember telling my friends I “would not do” around this time of the year, last year (2013). Just goes to show how within a few months you can end up in changing circumstances that change your mind on your own thoughts.

During the past week, the Japanese society welcomed 9 exchange students from Japan to Hull University, and as a bonus we organised an “welcome event” for new, old and current members of the society over a meal downtown. We (committee members of the society) had hoped a couple of students would come along to meet us and our new quests (Japanese exchange students), whilst gaining a feel for what our society is all about. To the surprise of everyone, close to 50 people turned-up to dine with us! – やった!

We where all very pleased to see allot of smiling faces throughout the night, which we guaranteed would happen in our open invitations to everyone when advertising the event (which was to a small community, may I just say).

It feels amazing to be part of this vibrant and friendly community. 2014 looks on track to be the best yet for Hull Jap Soc.

– Andre Hitchman
(somehow) President Hull Japanese Society

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