Apparently I’m A Linkedln Expert …. ^0^’

I’ve been on LinkedIn now since December 2012 and to be quite honest, i’ve seen no benefits to its service. Besides this, I’ve actually been quite committed to building a strong personal profile in aims attracting potential employees and partnerships…. its is said “Having a robust Linkedln profile is the key to building a solid foundation to which to grow your network, it may be your first impression you make on a prospect or contact.” – circle studio

To my delight (hold the suspense), one day I noticed this image on my profile.

LinkedIn Profile Strength

This is what is called the ‘Profile Strength Meter‘ which shows how robust your profile is. Mine is quoted as an “Expert” hehe. The strength level will increase as you add more content to your profile. The top level (which is after expert  *ah hem* more bragging) is the “All-Star Level”. One more level to linkedIn domination!! *evil laugh commences*

Bringing this post all into context, I would like to bring you my viewers/readers an insight into creating an expert / all-start level LinkedIn profile.

So on the count of  three ……3…..2……1…… “LET BEGIN!”

Step 1: Add your educational details and history

Start by listing your higher education school(s)/secondary school information, such as subjects taken and any clubs or activities you were involved with during your time there. *quick tip don’t list all your subjects just the most relevant to your career*  check my profile for an example….

Then move onto your most current education status, if your at university then list this.

Step 2: Include your Skills & Expertise plus any languages you may speak

This is your opportunity to showcase yourself. List skills that highlight you well, your specialties. When you get connected to more people, they will do something called “endorse” you, so pick words that will guarantee you to be endorsed. (endorse: meaning to support/back-up that you actually can do these skills you claim).

Step 3: Create an attractive headline

120 characters to tell people what you currently do in life. This will be your current job role/occupation. Use brief, informative keywords. Be sure to include the industry you work in and your geographic location. The point is, this will help when people go looking for you and will lead to more profile views.

Step 4: Complete the summary section by writing a thoughtful summary of yourself

One of the most important parts of your profile. This is effectively your elevator pitch, a way to describe who you are, what your about, what you have done and everything in between. The style in which you write this section is up to you, if you’re trying to express yourself to someone you never met, my intake on this would be to write in a style that expresses your character and charisma. If your funny write in a funny way (not offensive though), if you’re driven then write in a more professional manner. Whatever floats your boat, but please remember this is a professional profile of yourself.

Step 3: List past, previous or upcoming courses you’re doing

If you’ve done a course outside your curriculum or in your spare time. Then list it.

Step 4: Add any projects you’re working on or have completed

Now this sections is one of the most interesting parts of your profile. Depending on what career path you’re on then this is the spot where prospects will be most eager to look at; simple because this sections shows off your intuition, practical and problem solving skills. If for example you where in the field of Computer Science (favouritism right here) and you listed you worked on a project that involved using touch gestures to control basic everyday equipment such as microwaves and TVs, well…… someone in that related field would think, this is the type of gayl (or guy) that I’ve been searching for. Call them up right now!  — Just make sure to give clear description on your projects and links to where people can view your work (if you have any projects you’re involved with).

Step 5: Add a professional photo!

Don’t go neglecting this part, It is actually the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your profile. “Adding a profile photo makes your profile 7x more likely to be found in searches.” – LinkedIn. With that said, profiles with no photos in my perception are incomplete, un-worthy and dormant. In other words, less likely to be viewed. Put some effort into your photo and avoid pictures that have background content such as family members, friends, toys, pets etc. This profile is about you and you only. #1 advice : Use a PROFESSIONAL photo of yourself; dressed to impress(maybe), smiley face and cheerfully. It will be your professional image to prospects. So make it count yeah !

Step 6: Start making connections, expand your network

The whole point of LinkedIn is to build connections, so what are you waiting for…. start connecting. Search for your friends, colleagues, lecturers. Apparently according to linkedIn, to reach all-star status you need at least 50 or more connections plus a completed profile. Not to worry, I’ve just shown you how to have a completed profile.

My tip on how to expand your network though is just to go out there and meet new, interesting people. Ask for their profile and send them an invite. When you send invites however, its best to tailor your message. The default message looks something like this.

Default LinkedIn connect message

I recommend something a little personal, more like this.

Tailored LinkedIn connect message

Check out my personal LinkedIn profile for a rather excellent example to help you along your way ;0

And if you’re not on linkedIn, then I suggest you sign up. It the way forward, especially for working professionals. Employees look for someone who has a web presence, this is one way to create that!

**At the time of writing this article I got my first offer from a potential employee 🙂 so LinkedIn does have its advantages. BooYahh

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